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Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception Review

Unpronounceable title apart, Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception is a visual novel akin to the likes of SteinsGate and VA-11 Hall-A, with tactic function-actively playing recreation (SRPG) mechanics related to Fire Emblem and Disgaea thrown in.

Like most RPGs, Mask of Deception starts off off with a single of the most overused genre tropes – an amnesiac protagonist. The recreation is set in the planet of Yamato, which is populated by 50 %-human, 50 %-animal hybrids. You take on the function of Haku, a whole human, and more than the program of your 30-hour journey you will uncover your previous, master about this mysterious new planet, and indulge in far more than a handful of sections of switch-dependent tactic.

We say “few” since for the most part, Mask of Deception plays like a visual novel. You’ll interact with other people in opposition to static backdrops for the the greater part of your time, and combat (when it arises) feels like it was added later as an afterthought by developer Aquaplus.

Be organized for a sluggish burn off when you participate in the recreation. The opening hrs of Mask of Deception focus on the interactions involving Haku and Kuon – a female with cat ears and a tail. Each other character – from a princess to who rides a giant bird in combat, to a rowdy mercenary – all sport their individual special personalities. There isn’t significantly in the way of participant selection however. Mask of Deception is linear contrary to other visual novels in this perception. When possibilities are introduced, the recreation involves you to go via all of them to development. There is isn’t significantly in the way of a diverse outcome or ending, and a lot of the narrative builds towards its sequel that’s out later this year.

mask of deception mask_of_deception

Although the visual novel components of Mask of Deception maintain their individual many thanks to stellar new music and reliable art route, we just cannot definitely say the exact same for its makes an attempt at currently being an SRPG.

Motion will take location throughout a grid-dependent map and in circumstance you mess up, the recreation lets you rewind your moves much too. There is an component of brief time events (QTE) as effectively and a Zeal Gauge which lets you an extra switch when whole. As you’d anticipate experience factors are acquired after an assault and factors can be allotted towards stats like defence and pace when you are completed.

In contrast to online games these types of as Fire Emblem and Disgaea, battling enemies in Mask of Deception feels like an afterthought of sorts. It is simple to brute pressure your way via these segments by using your most effective assaults, and it feels surprisingly unbalanced. There is no perception of depth or fundamental gameplay mechanics to wrap your head all over possibly, building it far more superficial than we would have liked.

Maybe our largest grouse is how Mask of Deception goes about teaching you the ropes of its battles. There isn’t anything by way of a tutorial that’s introduced to you as you participate in. As an alternative, you are notified of the tutorial currently being added to the game’s glossary. This indicates that in the party you at any time want to search into how specified mechanics run, you will be digging via menus, which breaks immersion.

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Obtaining explained that, there is a prosperity of enjoyment to be had in Mask of Deception. Although the visual novel components considerably outweigh its tactic facet, the tale – even with currently being sequel bait – had us enthralled until the quite close. If you are seeking to test something out of the common, Mask of Deception is a pleasurable romp. We would having said that counsel choosing it up with alongside its sequel when that hits later in the year, alternatively than leaving the tale midway.


  • Exciting attempt at merging visual novels and SRPGs
  • One of a kind location and people


  • Uncomplicated combat
  • Potent narrative finishes up currently being sequel bait

Score (out of 10) 7

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