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Valkyria Revolution is a spin-off to the Valkyria Chronicles sequence that is found a resurgence of late, with Valkyria Chronicles Remastered hitting the PS4 past 12 months. Compared with the mainline online games, Valkyria Revolution is established in an previously period, and tells the tale of a group of characters who result in a war among two nations. Does it live up prior online games in the franchise?

To commence with, the recreation retains the cel shaded aesthetic that created previous entries so endearing. Even so it does not really make use of the additional horsepower of the PS4 or Xbox Just one. There are an inordinate sum of loading screens that detract from the practical experience and environments repeat by themselves at any time so often.

Also guilty of repetition, are the game’s a lot of enemies. From soldiers to bosses, all of Valkyria Revolution’s foes are liberally recycled, which really do not do it any favours. Producing factors even worse, the recreation makes use of areas and characters that would not be out of spot in any generic fantasy Japanese job-actively playing recreation.

valkyria revolution review ps4 valkyria_revolution 

Seems to be and technical issues aside, the gameplay is vastly unique from other Valkyrie online games, and not in a good way possibly. Alternatively than make on the intelligent combine of third-human being taking pictures and switch-primarily based beat of Valkyria Chronicles, you’re dealt with to one thing similar to the Dynasty Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes online games – a authentic-time hack and slash practical experience.

On paper it may audio like a shrewd shift to give a higher sense of immediacy to the proceedings. The fact is considerably from that. Whilst Dynasty Warriors can make a spectacle of each individual struggle, with hundreds of enemies onscreen, with Revolution, you’re not working with additional than a couple of handfuls of combatants at a time. These enemies are dispatched with uncomplicated button mashing, which can make Valkyria Revolution, frankly, monotonous.

It gets a large amount even worse as you development. Almost each and every mission has the same established of targets. Whether you might be pursuing the key tale or taking on aspect-quests, you will face an enemy army, capture a base, and on celebration, deal with bosses at the finish of it. You can control other characters in your party but there’s no motive to, since the AI manages it nicely more than enough. There’s very little creativeness to it, producing it thoughts numbing to hold actively playing.

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This is additional compounded by a strange sense of pacing. You hardly ever very practical experience the gameplay long more than enough in an uninterrupted manner thanks to the a lot of reduce-scenes and aforementioned loading screens. These interrupt the action to tell you apparent factors, like war is poor, and really do not really do substantially to make its characters likeable.

Talking of which, the forged of Valkyria Revolution spans 12 characters. From double-agents to instructors and even princesses and engineers, there’s an energy to make them surface various in their backstories and personalities, which is in vain thanks to cookie-cutter dialogue and a plot so predictable that you can see the outcome nicely in advance thanks to abnormal foreshadowing.

All in all, Valkyria Revolution is nicely worth averting. Until you’re a hardcore fan of the franchise’s mythology, there’s very little motive to slog via this even if it is one particular of the less costly new releases out suitable now at Rs. 1,900 on the Xbox Just one, and Rs. 2,750 on the PS4 ($40 in the US).


  • Similar aesthetic to Valkyria Chronicles


  • Shallow beat
  • Too a lot of loading screens
  • Generic missions

Ranking (out of 10): 4

We performed a critique duplicate of Valkyria Revolution for the PS4. The recreation is readily available on the PS4 and PS Vita for Rs. 2,750 and the Xbox Just one for Rs. 1,900 ($40 in the US).

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